Dr. Zulfiquar Rahimtoola is an internationally well-recognized hand surgeon with a comprehensive understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of all acute and chronic conditions affecting the hand and wrist.

He is extensively fellowship trained and has successfully completed the European Diploma for Hand Surgery (European Board Certification in Paris).

He started the study of Medicine at the University of Bristol and qualified as a Medical Doctor at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. After a
postgraduate research year at Stanford University in the United States he commenced his orthopaedic surgical training in the Netherlands.

During his training he developed a keen interest in hand and wrist surgery and combined his clinical work with academic research on the treatment of arthritic disorders of the wrist. His research resulted in a PhD thesis on wrist surgery at the University of Leiden that was awarded the Dutch academic resident prize.


Eisenhower Kliniek Dr. Kuypers Kliniek
Eisenhowerlaan 77f Nieuwe Steen 14
2517 KK  Den Haag 1625 HV Hoorn
Nederland Nederland
+31 (0) 70 205 98 00 +31 (0) 229-298294

Conditions Treated

All general conditions in hand and wrist surgery

Acute hand and wrist trauma

Arthritis of the base of thumbArthritis of finger joints and replacement surgery

Arthritis of the wrist and reconstructive or replacement surgery

Carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome and other nerve disorders

Dupuytren's contracture releases, including needle and revision surgery

Ganglia and cysts and other tumours of the hand and wrist

Fractures of the hand and wrist (acute service available)

Rheumatoid arthritis of the hand and wrist

Sport and industrial injuriesTendon and ligament injuries (acute and chronic)

Tennis and Golfer's elbow

The "musician's hand"

Trigger fingers (paediatric and adult)


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