I love my new hand (Testimonial)


08 March 2020 15:33



Hi there,

I am writing to say how much I love my new hand.

Mr Rahimtoola operated on my dupuytrens disease in mid January and after 7 weeks my hand is functioning pretty much as normal.

Pre operation my contracture was over 135' in my little finger and 50' in my ring finger, and even though my pinkie has only been corrected to 65', because of the advanced stage of my dups, it is so lovely to be able to hold a cabbage while chopping it, drive without it getting stuck on the steering wheel or catching it on shopping bags and door handles. I can make a fist and open jars and the strength in my operated hand is almost as good as the other one.

I am aware my duputrens contracture might return in the future but for the moment I am just happy to have better use of my hand which without the operation I would not have had.

Kind regards,

Mr. D.B.